Oops, recently I found that the word ‘hammin’ has some weird meaning(that I didn’t noticed and expected) in English from Urban Dictionary. So I change my tumblr name to Hatt. Anyway it doesn’t matter to me, because all my friends online have called me Hatt since 2008(it means the sun in Korean).

That image above is my short history of drawing. Everybody can draw better through many many drawing years! That’s why we should not give up: I believe that with my experience above.

#16 Peachblossom Lady(forget the pigeon)

Now I know the difference of peach blossom flower and cherry blossom flower!

#14 I’ve just read “Incredible Hercules:Secret Invasion”.

#13 an interior drawing in my school / oil pastel

I loved that cozy mood of this place.

#11 My first commission~ Kaiketus Zorro

for Goldensea, thanks for the coins she paid for my hot chocolate XD

#10 a page from my sketchbook

By Faber-Castel artist pens. I love their colors.

#9 the cover illustration of Comic Concert Vol.7(Apr 2012)

No cigarettes allowed on covers of comic books in (South) Korea~ Oops.
But due to the meaning of red flowers in this “the city of Flower”, I would draw a flower instead of a tobacco even if it’s allowed.

#7 from Shindan Maker(in Korean).

"Making a Hogwarts character. A muggle, a student of Gryffindor, 7 year, a boy, azalea-colored hair, dark pink eyes, good at potion."

#6, on a Daler Rowney sketchbook.
Watercolor flows on this paper…?